In comparison to previous years, this year has not been our strongest in terms of donations due to Coronavirus.

However, 2019 was extremely strong which helped us progress and exceed our goals into 2020, allowing us to develop Mudita School and we are very grateful for that.

For next years positions and plans, we have created a budget plan as our original goals may happen a little slower until we raise more donations.
We would be so very grateful if you were considering donating to our NGO to help us achieve our goals for 2021 as we hope to reopen with new programmes and welcome back the students.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Don’t forget to follow our socials for an update on our 2021 plans, coming in the first week on January.
Thank you, your Mudita Family 💛


Mudita School Budget Plan 2020,21


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