A huge thanks to all our donors, who have made Mudita Foundation possible! We now have 250 students in our school at Inle Lake. In our lessons we teach our students knowledge and understanding of life for a bigger and brighter future.

Everyone has an asset or the potential to improve their knowledge, living conditions, support the environemnt or even start a business. It is also important to us, to see what is happening around us and across the world in other cultures. It gives us an understanding of the world, something you can’t simple learn from a textbook.

To create this level of knowledge, we smashed our 2019 goal by connecting with other countries and schools designing new eductaion programmes to find out how students are learning in the world.

Connected classroom


Mudita’s brand new project introduces virtual connectivity via email and video to students and classrooms across the globe!

Our first virtual interaction is with Lernzeiträume in Heidelberg, Germany. Our students researched about Germany’s culture and aspects of the country prior to making contact with their students. We taught our students how to type emails in Computer Class and how to use a camera to make photos and videos. Students made videos about their families and painted pictures of where they live, which in turn they received the same from Lernzeitraume. The students had lots of fun creating videos and pictures to swap with students in Germany.

Since sharing this project with the world, we became overwhelmed with how many requests from other schools who wanted to connect with us virtually, which is amazing! We are now planning to expand this project worldwide and permanently add this to our new education programme.

The concept of a global connected classroom is based on the communication between students and teachers all around the globe. It is not just a concept – it is a real experience! – Axel, teacher from Lernzeiträume

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German kids are looking for Myanmar!

German students researching Myanmar’s culture and country.

Myanmar kids are looking for Germany!

Myanmar students researching German culture and aspects of the country in preparation for virtual connection

Some more research outside...

Lessons move outside to spark creativeness

and in Computer Class

Singapore exchange programme


Introducing exchange programmes at Mudita Foundation! At the beginning of November we had the pleasure of welcoming students from Singapore to our school. On the first day of the programme, we hosted a inter-cultural day influenced by Myanmar, German and Singapore traditions, and oh my, it was inspiring! All students began singing, cooking, playing sports and learning about each otjhers cultures. From German “Kartoffelpuffer” to European pop music and delicious Myanmar recipes, it was mesmerising to watch students interact and swap traditions about their home life.

Partner schools and Universities


It’s been nearly two years since our school and community was born into the world. Since hosting new projects and connecting with other like-minded people, the Mudita family is growing faster than ever with new friends, volunteers and supporters. Check out these guys who have joined our Mudita family and supporting our projects: Pädagogische Hochschule Heidelberg.

A well known Professor at the school connected with us after starting a dialog to help us improve our curriculum and the way we teach. Video conference sessions involved German teachers sharing their teaching skills with Myanmar teachers and developing teaching material which can be used for our curriculum. This project is growing on a weekly basis and our new teachers are enjoying every moment as they are also learning new skills.



Virtual connection is a great way for our students to develop and learn new skills and other cultures, but what is even more interactive is our scholarship programmes. We invite students from others schools to exchange with our students to give them the opportunity to live in another country and connect with a new culture for a life changing experience.

Htay Aung was a student at Inle Lake who got a scholarship in TelAviv, Israel. After the schloraship programme will  end, Htya english skills would have developed tremendously and it will allow him further education opportunities to go to university. It really is a life changing experience and we would love to see more of this.

Check out this short video message from Htay Aung and how much his English has improved. Weldone Htay, we are very proud here at Mudita Foundation!

Greetings from Htay Aung



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