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The Videos are from our previous school project in Myanmar. Updates from our new school in Mae Sot Thailand are coming soon. Our main focus on Education, Health and Ecology is maintained on all our projects worldwide. Watch the videos to find out more about Muditas educational subjects.




Mudita School is back!!



Mudita School is back!

Welcome to our new school for Burmese refugee children in Mae Sot Thailand. For the last 5 months, we have supported the Burmese families who are fleeing from the civil war in Myanmar. Thousands arrive in the town with nothing more than a shirt and a trouser. Besides shelter, food, and medicine they need a supportive community that provides safety and kindness. Most of the children haven’t been to school for the past years as they struggled with covid and for over 15 months with a brutal civil war in their home country.

Coming back to school is giving the children a healthy routine, joyful playtime, and laughter with their friends and teachers. This is the best medicine to heal the trauma of the past and gain a positive outlook for the future. 

During the following weeks, we will give you a tour of our new school grounds and introduce you to our beautiful school community.




Mudita Foundation was 3 months in Sri Lanka (October to December 2021) to support children in need.
We organized several teaching programs in schools and monasteries all over Sri Lanka. Until today we keep on teaching unprivileged children from Sri Lanka in our online classes.
In Kandy, we launched Mudita's Creative Teaching Group Programme for around 30 nuns. Two main female teachers warmly welcomed us into the school. They are very enthusiastic and interested in modern education. The children had never met and learnt with foreign teachers and were so excited to meet us and eager to show us around their school. Despite not knowing much English, they were still trying to communicate and test out the little English they did know.
We incorporated creative training sessions in painting, imaginative drawing, and some outdoor activities during the teaching program. We also talked about the importance of sports and moving our bodies. The nuns really enjoyed this activity!
And so did we!

Mudita School Myanmar is closed


Hello Mudita Family. It is now over a year ago that we had to close our project activities in Myanmar due to the political situation. It was not safe for our community members to stay longer in Myanmar. Read the full story of what has happened to the Mudita School Myanmar.

To sum it up...
The Mudita School Myanmar was set afire and the members of the foundation was forced to urgently flee the peaceful community of their adopted rural homeland around Nyaungshwe.

Luckily all members of the school community were able to leave and are in safety. That night, they all lost their home, their project and their future.

If you want to know the full story you can listen to a podcast from the founder Markus Meier (Mokkhita) or read the summary which you can find here.

Your Mudita Family