The word “mudita” is an ancient Pali term, which can be translated as “delighting in other people’s well-being and happiness”. Most common example of mudita is the selfless joy that parents feel as they watch their child grow and accomplish things life. At Mudita association, we work to improve living conditions of underpriviledged and orphaned children, so that they too can live a happy and fulfilling life...


Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world, devastated by internal conflicts and civil war over the past 70 years. Despite being a gorgeous country with lovely people, Myanmar ironically has one of the highest rates of forced child labor, child soldiers, and severe human rights violations. 30% of the children under five are suffering from various diseases. More than 50% live below the poverty line. As many as 150 of them die every single day. We know that the only force capable of changing this everlasting grim fate of Myanmar is her youth. So our main focus is to support a healthy and well-educated new generation.

After a democratic transition period of 10 years (2011 -2021), Myanmar has fallen back into dark times. Since February 2021 a new civil war has broken out in Myanmar. The Mudita School which was running from 2018 - to 2021 needed to close. Ware now supporting the thousand of refugee families who are searching for safety in the Thai - Myanmar border town Mae Sot. Click the link below to find out more about our new school project in Thailand.


We are a young association. Our team is relatively small, but are very capable and efficient. Our main strength comes from our deep knowledge of the Burmese culture. We come from different countries, but we simply love and live all that is Myanmar. We speak the language, live like locals, recruit local people and have more connections than any other organization in the area.



With the power of our local knowledge, we have made exemplary case studies over the past 5 years and are consistently widening our radius of reach as we have a positive impact on the local communities.




Sharing is caring. It's vital for our association to be heard and known amongst the right people.